5 Easy Ways To Get Your House Ready To Sell

Are you thinking about selling your house but, the very thought of getting it ready makes you break out into hives?  Are you wondering how you’ll get that Sharpie off the walls?  Has Rufus pooped one too many times in that same corner of your closet?  I get it.  It can be a stressful time!  You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you need to do (or think you need to do) before putting your home on the market. 

This week, I have asked my best friend (and realtor), Melissa Tant, to share with you 5 simple things you should do to get your house ready to sell.  Thanks to her expertise, we sold our last home within a few HOURS of it being on the market.  And she got us the home we live in now for a great price!  According to Melissa, doing these 5 easy and inexpensive things will ensure you sell your home faster than the neighbors…

1.Curb Appeal Is Major!

Make sure the outside is fresh.  It won’t be too costly to freshen up the front door and shutters with a coat of paint and put down some new mulch.  Maybe even take down those Christmas lights that have been up for the past 3 years.  Remember, this is a potential buyer’s first impression of your home! (Here is some great mulch that won’t attract termites.)

2.Make Your Home Smell Good!

Smell is one of the first things people notice when walking into a home for the first time.  Open windows in warmer months to let the fresh air do the work!  Also, consider a subtle, odor-neutralizing plug-in or candle like this.  You don’t want to give potential buyers a headache.  (Adding on to this…if you smoke in your house, please stop!  I can’t tell you how many houses I walked out of immediately based on this alone when we were house hunting.)

3.Fresh, Clean Carpets Go a Long Way!

If you’ve had your carpet for over 5 years and you have kids and/or kids with fur, consider replacing it with inexpensive, new carpeting.  This could make it or break it for a potential buyer!  If your carpet is blue, green, or red…I’m sorry to tell you that it went out of style at least 30 years ago.  Here is one nice, low-cost option.


This one can be hard if you have small kids in the house.  Melissa recommends bagging up 50 percent of the toys and storing them at a relative’s house or storage building.  Then, when you move, it will be like Christmas morning for the kiddos when they get to unpack all their toys again!  (Also, read my post on how I de-cluttered my house in 5 days).

5.Clean, But Don’t Kill Yourself!

A fresh, clean house makes a great first impression.  However, those buyers probably aren’t going to notice a little dust on the baseboards.  If you really want to make those bathrooms sparkle without a lot of work, this is the best thing I have found to clean them.  Check out my post on how I keep my house clean in under an hour a day!

Doing these 5 things is sure to make your house appealing to any potential buyers.  You don’t have to spend thousands on upgrades to make your house look presentable.  Just a few easy steps, and you’ll be signing those papers in no time!

Melissa Tant is with Exit Now Realty.  She has been a realtor for 5 years and has sold well over $1 million .  She has also been my BFF for like 30 years or so (wow, that makes me feel old!).  She is a mom of three (Jenna is 14, Lucy is 10, and Owen is 6).  She has been married to her firefighter husband, Josh, for 16 years. If you are in the middle Tennessee area and in need of a realtor, she would love to help you out!  Here is how you can get in touch with her.

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