Keep Your House In Order Even When You Have No Time

I have a confession to make.  I don’t like to clean (gasp!).  I will literally do 5 other unimportant things, just to avoid cleaning the house.  But I have come to realize that if I don’t do it, it most likely will not get done.  

Over the years, I have come up with a cleaning system that works for me.  I think it will work for all of you who don’t want to spend your whole day cleaning too.

I also used this system when I had a full time 9-5 job, so it can work for you whether you work or stay home.  All you need is less than an hour a day to get it done!

I love to make lists.  I almost never get everything done on them, but at least I can see everything that needs to get done.  I found this great printable chore chart on Pinterest that allows me to put in chores that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.  It also has check boxes so I can check them off as I go.  You can get a copy of it here.  I printed two copies and broke up my chores into 2 weeks.  This is what mine look like.

At first, I was trying to do all my chores weekly, but quickly realized I was spending most of my day cleaning instead of spending time with my kids.  I decided that most of my chores could be done bi-weekly and my house would not look like a pig sty.

You will have to figure out what chores you need to do and what days work best for you to do them.  To give you an idea, here is a quick rundown of my chores and why I chose to put them on the days that I did.


• Kitchen – This consists of me loading/unloading the dishwasher, washing any pots and pans from the night before (because everyone knows they gotta soak overnight, right?), and wiping the counters and the table.  

• Laundry – My goal is to do a load of laundry every day, but it usually ends up being every other day.  We are a family of four so I can typically do it every other day and my pile is more of a small hill than a mountain.

• Organize 10 minutes – This is one I just recently added.  This is basically me putting away all the toys, shoes, clothes, and everything else I’ve told the boys to put away 100 times already!  They listen so well.

Week 1 Chores:


• Clean Master Bath – I clean toilet, sinks, mirrors, tub and shower.  To keep my shower from getting too dirty, I use a squeegie and spray it with a shower spray after every shower.  If only my husband would do the same…

• Phone Calls – I make or return any phone calls that need to be made or returned.  This is a chore for me because I hate talking on the phone, but it’s got to be done.

• Groceries – I have been using Wal-Mart Grocery Pickup for about 3 years now, and I love it!  It saves me time and money because I’m not making those impulse purchases.  I schedule my pickup for 8:00am and just swing by after I drop my son off at school.  They load it all into my car for me, and I’m done.  


• Clean Boys’ Bath – I clean the toilet, sink, mirror, and tub in the boys’ bathroom.  The hardest part of this one is scrubbing the globs of dried toothpaste off the sink.

• Clean Appliances – I wipe down the stove, microwave, dishwasher, Keurig, refrigerator, washer, and dryer with disinfecting wipes.


• Clean Half Bath – I clean the toilet, sink, and mirror in the half bath.

I keep the chores light on Wednesdays because I go to a small group Bible study for moms at my church.  I am usually gone from 9:30am until about 12:00pm.


• Budget/Bills – I pay any bills that need to be paid and look at my budget for the month to make sure we are staying on track.  We have just started a new method of budgeting a month ahead which I will explain in another post.  I do this on Thursdays because it’s pay day (yay!).

• Sweep Floors – I had to add this one in because cleaning the floors every two weeks just wasn’t cutting it.  Our little dog sheds so much I could make a sweater every week with her hair.  Thus, I get out the broom and sweep.


• Bathe Gracie – This is the day my little shed-machine gets a bath with her de-shedding shampoo.  I’m seriously considering getting her one of those dog leotards…except that they cost $40.00!

• Paperwork – I fill out any paperwork that needs to be filled out and mailed or sent to school, etc.

I keep Friday chores pretty light because this is my day to write these incredible, mind-blowing blog posts!  My boys usually spend the night at their grandparent’s on Friday nights, so I have a kid-free evening to write (thank you Nana and Grandpa!).


• Clean Car – I do this weekly because…I have two boys.  I get out all the trash and food stuck to the seats.  Then, I vacuum and wipe everything with Armor-all.

• Wash Bedding – I strip the beds and wash the sheets in HOT water.  Sometimes I will do this more often if my youngest has an accident.  Luckily, this doesn’t happen too much.

• Catch Up Chores – I added this one because I know myself.  Some days (or certain times of the month), I just don’t feel like doing anything or something throws off my routine.  So, I gave myself Saturdays to catch up on any chores I didn’t get done during the week.


• Clean Out Fridge/Pantry – I throw out all the leftovers from the week (because nobody eats them) and anything expired.  

• Food Prep – I am trying this new thing (ok, we try it every year) where I see if I can get my kids to at least look at a vegetable.  I chop up fruit and veggies and put them in baggies hoping they will grab those to snack on…fingers crossed it works this year!  I also make and bag sandwiches and whatever else they pack in their lunches.
These chores I either do in the morning or later in the evening depending on which church service we go to.  We don’t always go in the morning…we’re rebels like that.

Week 2 Chores:


• Vacuum – I vacuum any room with carpet.

• Phone Calls

• Groceries


• Clean Floors – This is the only chore I do on this day because it takes me almost a whole hour.  This is because I sweep (with a broom), vacuum, and then mop my tile and wood floors.  I have found this is the only way for me to get them as clean as they need to be.  It’s a good little cardio workout too!


• Dust – I dust all the flat surfaces and TVs.


• Bi-Monthly Chore – These chores are listed under my “Monthly” chores, but they actually get done every two months.  I either clean baseboards, clean blinds, clean windows, or organize all my piles of paperwork (school papers, bills, receipts, etc.)

• Budget/Bills


• Clean Backyard – This is a fun one.  This consists of me glamorously sliding on a pair of plastic gloves, grabbing a grocery sack, and going out in the yard to pick up dog poop.  It’s like an Easter egg hunt for turds!  The dog follows me around the backyard while I ask her, “Where did you poop, Gracie?”  She stares back at me as if to say, Just find my crap and put it in the bag, servant.  Oh the joys of having a dog!

• Paperwork


• Clean Car

• Clean Furniture – Did I mention my dog sheds a lot?  This chore consists of a lint roller and Febreze.

• Catch Up Chores


• Clean Out Fridge/Pantry

• Food Prep

I also have “Walls” listed under the “Quarterly” category.  Every few months, I take a magic eraser sponge and clean any streaks, stains, etc. off the walls.

After I wrote down all my chores and decided which days to do them, I put them into a plastic cover and stuck them to the fridge.  I keep a dry erase marker next to my list so I can check everything off as I complete them.  This give me a sense of accomplishment.  Here is what my list looks like at the end of the week (on a good week).

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of how you can make this work for your home and your schedule.  You may find that certain chores need to be done weekly or daily for your household.  I have changed up my list of chores and days that I do them several times.

Remember this, it’s okay if you don’t get them all done.  You are not a failure.  Also, if you have older kids, make them do some of this stuff!  If you work full time, I promise you this is still doable and much better than spending your whole Saturday cleaning!

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